Sets theory in maths

Keep reading to learn more about Sets theory in maths and how to use it.

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Set theory

Set theory Sets, in mathematics, are an organized collection of objects In sets theory, you will learn about sets and it's properties. It was developed to describe the collection of objects. You

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Basic set theory

Sets Definition In mathematics, a set is a well-defined collection of objects. Sets are named and represented using a capital letter. In the set theory, the elements that a set comprises can be any kind of thing: people, letters of the alphabet


Set Theory

In naive set theory, a set is a collection of objects (called members or elements) that is regarded as being a single object. To indicate that an object x is a member of a set A
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At its most basic level, set theory describes the relationship between objects and whether they are elements (or members) of a given set. Sets are also objects, and thus can also be related to each other typically through use of various symbols and notations. Although set theory may seem arbitrary and not necessarily u See more