How Do I Solve Equations with Mathematica?

In Mathematica: DSolve [ {D [A [t], t] == k1* (M - A [t]) - k2*A [t], A [0]==0}, A [t], t] In a similar manner one could solve systems of ODEs. For example: DSolve [ {D [x [t], t] == x [t]* (3 - x [t]), D
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Solve an Equation

When we use the Mathematica Solve function, we obtain: In this case, the Solve command states that x x can be either x= -\frac {\pi} {3}+ 2\pi C [1] x = −3π +2πC [1] or x= \frac

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Example 1: Mathematica Solve Differential Equations Solve y^ {\prime\prime}+ y= \sin x y′′ + y = sinx using Mathematica. Here, c_1 c1 and c_2 c2 are arbitrary constants. In

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