programming mathematica to find a specific perfect square

1. So for a homework question in my discrete mathematical modeling class we were asked to make a function in Mathematica which inputs a list and squares each element of

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A square with different centers and sides of different lengths

Introduction to the Sine Function in Mathematica . Overview. The following shows how the sine function is realized in Mathematica.Examples of evaluating Mathematica functions applied to
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MATHEMATICA TUTORIAL, Part 2.2 (Least Squares)

Squared. A number taken to the power 2 is said to be squared, so is called squared. This terminology derives from the fact that the area of a square of edge length is

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Completing the square using Mathematica

x is by default interpreted as Square [x]. Used in mathematical physics to denote the d ’ Alembertian operator. Sometimes used in number theory to indicate a quadratic residue. Not

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