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Solving Algebraic Equations (examples, solutions, videos)

Since 'a' is a real number, the exponent can be either an integer or a rational number. Here are some examples. f (x) = x 2. f (x) = x -1 ( reciprocal function) f (x) = √ (x - 2) = (x - 2) 1/2. f (x) =

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Algebraic Expressions

Other Algebraic Examples You want to know how much it would cost for two people to go on a vacation but don’t have enough money. You’re calculating how many ounces

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Algebraic Equations & Examples

Algebra equations using addition and subtraction. Here are a few examples of equations using addition and subtraction. Example 1. yβˆ’10 = 22 y βˆ’ 10 = 22 Here we have

Algebraic Equations

Solving these simple equations, we get x = 4 and y = 3. Q 2. Solve the equation: P 2 - 8P - 33 = 0. Sol: P = 11 or P = - 3. β‡’ We can factorize the above equation as (P – 11) (P + 3) = 0. Q 3. If one root of the quadratic equation P 2 - 12P + Q = 0 is

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