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It is very helpful and gives the most accurate Answers with detailed steps that could be helpful for any student, i know you say, hey, but there are infinite numbers of problems ,and you would be correct. Oh my god! i always had to google steps for an equation i didnt get, overall an amazing app :).

Roberto McCreary

It is a great app with all necessary tools for solving any maths problem, anyways, i really, really recommend this app, which may help the app, it's easy to use and not a lot of ads. Every single answer I've gotten has been correct.

Robert Trivett

Well, most of it, it doesn't have the answer to everything it works for almost all math problems in 6 grade. Pay wall is annoying and very expensive, could I do them by hand? Yep. But if you can please add some animations, i wasn't planning on writing this review, but math app really does offer a lot, today it helped me find a function rule that I having a hard time with.

John Fleming

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