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Speed and velocity questions (practice)

In 12 s, a car travels a distance of 240 m. What is the velocity of a car? Solution: Given data: Initial position of a car, x i = 0 m Initial position of a car, x f = 240 m Time taken by a car, t = 12 s Velocity of a car, v = ? Using the

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Velocity Problems

Problem (18): A car travels one-fourth of its path with a constant velocity of $10\,{\rm m/s}$, and the remaining with a constant velocity of $v_2$. If the total average

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Velocity and Speed: Solutions to Problems

If the vehicle veers out of its current path, that is velocity, and if you want to learn more, try this quiz. Questions and Answers 1. ______ is a unit of speed: A. M/s B. S C. Kg D. Hr 2. The speed at any instant of time is known as

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Speed, Distance, Time, Velocity, and Acceleration Quiz Review

Problem # 1 A car travels at uniform velocity a distance of 100 m in 4 seconds. What is the velocity of the car? (Answer: 25 m/s) Problem # 2 A sailboat is traveling north at 10 km/h, relative to the water. The water is flowing north at 5

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Velocity Questions and Answers

circumference. time. =. 2 * 0.5 * Pi. 1 hour. = Pi km/h = 3.14 km/h (approximated) b) If you walk around a circular field and come back to the same point where you started the displacement