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Verbal Phrase Calculator. Enter algebraic expression to write as a verbal phrase: How does the Verbal Phrase Calculator work? Given an algebraic expression, this translates back to a verbal

Verbal to Algebraic: Translating

Convert from scale to actual (real) size. 2. Enter the scale factor; for example, if you wish to work with a 1/6th scale, input 6. 3. Enter the dimensions of the actual object (or measurements of

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It was so easy to get around, it showed working out so I could copy it down and all answers were correct, thank you for helping my grades improve, loved this app, this app was is really helpful and easy to use it really shows steps in how to solve your problems.

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Paul Mitts


Very great app; it's perfect for students like me, even if to don't wanna type you can take a photo to give you the answers, im in highschool and im a freshman so this REALLYYYYYY DOES HELP with algebra i love that you are able to take pics with it also.

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Lawrence Byrd