Write the equation in logarithmic form. 125^4/3

Apps can be a great way to help students with their algebra. Let's try the best Write the equation in logarithmic form. 125^4/3.

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How do you write the equation 5^-3=1/125 in logarithmic form?

Convert to Logarithmic Form 125^ (4/3)=625. 1254 3 = 625 125 4 3 = 625. Convert the exponential equation to a logarithmic equation using the logarithm base (125) ( 125) of the

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625^3/4 = 125 write the exponential function in logarithmic form

125^ (4/3)=625 LOG [base 125] of 625 = 4/3 Source (s): www.OnlineMathResources.com log base 125 of 625 = 4/3 logarithms always equal the

Writing Exponential Equations in Logarithmic Form

Algebra. Convert to Logarithmic Form 2^-3=0.125. 2−3 = 0.125 2 - 3 = 0.125. Convert the exponential equation to a logarithmic equation using the logarithm base (2) ( 2) of the right
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