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The only thing that you dont have is arranging decimals in order of decending order, BUT ANYWAYS ITS GREAT. It even has an option to show steps if you pay but i was wondering if tou guys make that free for us to understand math better, i love that it show me the steps and if I don't under stand it give more explanation.

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Very very good. For all the people complaining about the paid subscription consider this: Even the free version gives you a step by step guide and you should be greatful for not plainly showing the results plus it does not contain any ads free or paid version.

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Whats the Y-Intercept?

We could say, hey, this is the same thing as y is equal to zero times x minus seven. And so now, it looks just like what we have over here and you might recognize that our y-intercept is negative seven, y-intercept is equal to negative seven. And our slope is a coefficient on the x term, it

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The equation of the given function is: y = a (x - 1) (x - 2) (x - 3) Using the y-intercept formula, it can be obtained by substituting x = 0 in it. y = a (0 - 1) (0 - 2) (0 - 3) = -6a So the y-intercept is (0,